Grab This Stylus Pen For Smooth Experience On Your iPad For $14

The Maylofi Stylus Pen is currently available on Amazon for $13.99 without the need for a promotional code. With the current offer, you can directly save 36% off the asking price.

A pencil feels natural to use on paper because of its 1.5mm fine copper tip, which ensures more sensitive and accurate working performance. Great for work, including taking notes and drawing. Commence without an APP or Bluetooth with only one click. You can start recording your creative thoughts anytime and anywhere you wish by just turning on the device’s power.

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These devices are not only stylish but also secure the charging port well, feature magnetic caps to prevent the loss, and are waterproof and dustproof. If your phone or tablet has ever been used with an Apple Pencil through a Bluetooth connection, please disconnect it from Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth off to prohibit the use of any other stylus pen with the touch screen.

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All capacitive touchscreen devices, including smartphones and tablets, have strong universal compatibility. The built-in battery of the stylus pen provides 12 hours of continuous usage and charges fully in 60 minutes when connected to a micro USB wire. It will automatically shut off after 30 minutes to preserve the battery.

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