Manage Your Home Devices Through Voice Control With $11 TanTan Smart Plugs (Two Pack )

TanTan Smart Socket

It is easy to make your home smarter with just a few dollars for fans, lights, and other equipment. Plugging it into TanTan Mini Smart Plugs will allow them to be regulated with your smartphone, or even your voice, instead of directly into a power outlet. Snag this two-pack in Amazon at $11.39 by entering the 40RYSCZY promotional code at check-out. It’s like collecting them for under $6 each.

These compact, intelligent connections connect to your home Wi-Fi network and can be managed via a free smartphone or tablet app. You can turn them on or off anywhere in the world or schedule them every day at a certain time. For instance, you might switch it off from your phone as long as it is connected with one of these smart plugs instead of having to go out of bed to turn off a light.

Or, you might want the plugs to be controlled by Alexa or Google Assistant. To start, you only need an Echo Dot or Google Home Mini compatible device. Then, even if your phone isn’t around you, you can control these plugs. With this purchase, Gosund also contains a one-year warranty. In Amazon, there were over 3,600 customers who gave a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars to rate these smart plugs.

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