For $64, Amazon offers Apple’s wireless charging case. That is $15 off the list price, beats our latest mention by $1, and is within $4 of the lowest Amazon offer in 2020 we’ve tracked. Qi charging is now a staple for your home if you’re like me. It has been so much easier to use than cables and is now a prime chance to upgrade to a case AirPods which is not available to charge wirelessly. This accessory supports both AirPods of the first and second generation, giving a good upgrade or perhaps an opportunity to re-fill a case that has started to show its age. It is not only Qi ready, but it also has a lightning connector to ensure that both situations are ready.

Product Highlights:

Air Pods charge quickly Inside the case

The case can be charged either wirelessly using a Qi-compatible charging mat or with the Lightning connector

Works with Air Pods (1st generation or later)

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