Free Your iPhone Storage Using This 256GB Flash Drive For $25

LOMYGUS 256GB iPhone Flash Drive

Amazon is right now offering the LOMYGUS 256GB iPhone Flash Drive for $25.22. Without applying any special discount code at the checkout, you save directly 24 percent on the original price.

This is an iPhone &iPad flash disk. When you travel with the picture stick family, you won’t have to worry about running out of memory on your iPhone. You may photograph as much as you want with this memory stick on the iPhone and save all of the pleasure.

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This USB drive is lightweight and simple to use. It can aid in the interaction of various devices with files. It is no longer troubled by unkempt and filthy data lines.

To secure your private photographs and files, you can activate the privacy function of this USB flash drive via the free app offered by the manufacturer (download from the Apple App Store). This photo stick has a transmission speed of 15-80mb/s and a reading speed of 10-30mb/s. Transmission may watch a movie for the day, it’s simply coffee time.

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This metal flash drive for the iPhone cover is long-lasting. The USB flash drive supports Micro USB and comes with a USB-C converter. It is compatible with Samsung, Motorola, Google, and other mobile phones.

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