Lamicall Foldable iPhone Stand On Sale For $9.99 Only

For $9.99, you can pick up the Lamicall Foldable Phone Stand from Amazon. Previously sold for $9.99, without applying any special discount code at the checkout, you save directly 23 percent on the original price.

The height of the universal phone stand adjustable can be increased by up to 3.2 inches, and it can be raised vertically. You can adjust the height and viewing angle to your preference. To prevent damaging your neck and back, lessen the amount of time you spend staring down at the phone screen. A wonderful desktop attachment that frees up your hands so you can live stream or watch classes online.

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This cellphone stand supports phones with cases as thick as 0.71 inches. The base feet, hooks, and backrest all have thicker, larger anti-slip silicone mats to prevent sliding and scratching of your cellphone. Even after extended usage, this phone stand won’t scratch or shatter thanks to its sturdy construction and smooth, high-precision surface.

Anyone can carry this portable phone stand with ease. This foldable mobile stand may be compact and portable thanks to its bi-folding construction. Anytime you go on a holiday or a business trip, just fold it up into a compact size and carry it with you in a handbag or backpack. Essential desk accessories for use in every setting, including the workplace, living room, kitchen, bedroom, and café.

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The telescopic rod and the base of this mobile phone stand are made of weighted superior metal to provide stability, in contrast to other low-quality products that are simple to shake or tip-off. Even with a thick case, your phone can rest steadily on it thanks to the excellent groove design of the base and the sturdy adjustable rod.

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