Enjoy Safe Driving Without Any Distrubance With Discounted Kenu Airbase Pro Premium Car Phone Mount

Kenu Airbase Pro | Premium Car Phone Mount

Do you want to avoid the attempt on the road to grab a phone? And maybe you use it for something like GPS and only need a way to keep an eye on your surfing when you need it. The Kenu Airbase Pro car mount on Amazon is down to $22.46, so it’s great for those who need an easy mount. The Airbase Pro typically sells for about $30. Usually, it drops to approximately $26 when it comes to a sale. The decline today is the lowest price we’ve ever seen, including the earlier deal we shared when the price fell to 24 dollars.

The Airbase Pro is fitted with a large adhesive suction cup on your windshield or dashboard. Set it up for you so that you can use your phone for stuff like GPS and hands-free contact. The suction cup provides a strong rock hold that keeps your phone safe during your ride and removes it quickly with a lever if you want to find a better location. You can also use this mount outside the car, as if you were at your desk, to raise your phone anywhere.

The ball and socket joint can rotate 360 degrees and can place your phone at any position. Keep the screen in protection and in the hand, so that you can use it correctly without sacrificing. The mounting grip can be extended to handle larger phones or phones with big cell phones, both with and without Android devices.

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