It Only Takes $30 To Add 128 GB More To Your iPhone or iPad

The HooToo flash drive with instant plug-and-play storage is currently being offered by Amazon for just $29.99 when you apply a promotional code KINJA7FP at checkout. As you know, this is a flash drive, but with an embedded Lightning connector added to extend its versatility to include iPhone and iPad hardware.

Let’s look in the first instance at the physical aspects of the drive. It comes with a sturdy design with a USB 3.0 interface that slots nicely into your PC or Mac. The entire drive is light, robust, made of premium metallic materials and designed to be extremely compact. It won’t win any prizes because of its sleekness, and you can certainly get smaller straight USB 3.0 flash drives, but this adds a little extra to the mix while also removing the need to carry any additional storage devices around.

It’s fair to say this drive won’t win awards for the speeds it offers, but if you come from a USB 2.0 drive, you’ll definitely notice some advantages. It provides read speeds up to 80MB / s for USB 3.0 and write speeds up to 30MB/s. If you use the storage drive’s Lightning aspect, you can expect reading speeds up to 30MB/s and write speeds up to 10MB / s. Providing an increased speed experience over older antiquated hardware that conforms to older standards should definitely be demonstrated.

It also comes with an internally stored whopping 128 GB. That storage is quite free to use for anything you like, irrespective of the files or content you want to store. Just plug it in and start transferring to the content of your heart. HooToo offers the accompanying iPlugMate app that supports a variety of types of files that allow the owner to natively play things like multiple different types of video files. Just another aspect of the experience that adds versatility to the experience.

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