Don’t Go For Other Smartphone While You Can Still Pickup iPhone XR At Best Price

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Right now, I consider the two-year-old iPhone XR to be the single best iPhone deal in history, and that’s based on the newly reduced price tag of $499. Of course, if you can get it for less, even better than that!

The total wireless deal works like this: When you reach the product page, you should see a 25 percent discount pop-up in exchange for your email address. (No pop-up? Click the “Get 25% off” button in the lower-left corner.) Use the promo code when you receive the email.

Who Wouldn’t Want Two iPhone Wireless Charger At Twenty Percent Discount?

This is the catch: You will have to opt for a prepayment plan too, and Total Wireless is not super competitive in this field. The cheapest plan is $25 for 30 days, just 1 GB of data. Moreover, the iPhone XR is not unlocked; you must stay with Total Wireless for at least 12 months before unlocking it for you.

On the other hand, instead of $500, you pay $300 for the phone, and this savings offset the cost of service seriously.

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