This Discounted Accessory is Must Have For Every Low Space iPhone At 20 Dollars

iPhone Flash Drive

Amazon is offering Yisska 256GB USB 3.0 iPhone Photo Stick for $19.99 with discount code XJISLH8S at the checkout. Usually selling for $40, the offer today saves 50 percent!

256Gb USB Flash Drive Can instantly resolve the biggest headache for IPhone users – Insufficient storage space. You can instantly store mobile phone photos, video address books, and other data to the IPhone Memory Stick by downloading the APP LUV-Share.

Hyppr 65W PD Charger Comes With Both MacBook & iPhone Charging Ports For Nineteen Dollars

Will the iPhone Storage Photo Stick protect data or privacy? Naturally! When developing memory sticks, it is always a priority. A “LUV-Share” app can be created for the purpose of encrypting your data and private files with a Password/Touch ID. The entire iPhone 256GB Flash Drive can be secured or only selected files can be locked. Don’t worry, your files or your privacy can’t be stolen!

Are you still concerned about data transmission between two computers or mobile phones due to network speed problems? To solve this problem, use USB Flash Drive. The USB plug and play drive have an Advanced Speed of 3.0. Copy computer data to thumb drive external storage and use our encryption project to ensure your data’s safety.

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