iPhone Accessories: EasyAcc iPhone Xs/X Battery Case Currently Available On Sale For $10.49

EasyAcc iPhone Xs:X Battery Charger Case Qi Wireless Charging Case

The iPhone X debuted in late 2017, followed by the iPhone XS one year later. If you purchased one model at launch, I’m going to bet your battery has already lost some capacity. This happens over time and is actually one of the main reasons people purchase new phones.

But consider a battery case if you like your X well and want to make more use of it. It will add bulk and weight, but it will also free you from looking for an outlet by day or by a power bank. This is a sweet deal: Outxe via Amazon has the EasyAcc iPhone X/XS battery case with Qi charging for $10.49 for a limited amount of time and while the deliveries last. That’s after applying the BRC8KPHI promotional code at checkout. It is usually 26 dollars, and the last time around the price has been around 3 dollars higher.

The case has a battery of 5,000 mAh, which should effectively double your iPhone’s power. It is interesting that not only the phone is recharged via Qi Wireless, but it also recharges itself. However, the included USB-C cable can also be used to recharge the case.

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