Diver Recovers iPhone 11 That Was Submerged Six Months Ago In This Condition

iphone 11 submerged

An iPhone 11 was recovered from the bottom of a lake in British Columbia by a diver after it had been submerged for nearly six months.

Freedivers in Chilliwack Clayton Hulkenberg and his wife Heather go to the lakes and find lost goods and clear waste. He discovered an iPhone at the base of Harrison Lake in a video released on Thursday.

Heather noticed the iPhone in the sediment when he explored the lake bed, while Clayton found a phone, reports CBC. While the finding of Clayton was severely damaged, the discovery of the iPhone was far better.

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“I’ve taken it back, cleaned the dirt, turned right on, so it’s really wonderful,” Clayton says. Besides a broken microphone and speaker issues, the iPhone was largely unscathed from the ordeal.

It was returned to Vancouver resident Fatemeh Ghodsi after the SIM was ejected and put into another device to contact the original owner. The iPhone was allegedly dropped during a boat ride in September, and it contained photos of Ghodsi taken shortly before the fall.

Ghodsi explained, “I was in a situation where I kind of lost my balance and dropped it in the water.” The park’s staff told her that the iPhone could not be found in the water and that Ghodsi would leave empty hands.

 The iPhone was replaced by another mobile device by Ghodsi later.

When the owner of the iPhone received a text from his old number, she thought it was friends who took her, yet she was persuaded to visit Chilliwack to get her smartphone back.

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“To begin with, I was completely taken aback,” she continued. “It was somewhat like a zombie phone that came back to me, as I would make complete peace with it gone.”

Over the years, iPhones have produced water resistance to numerous other reports, where iPhones are dropped into the water and later recovered.

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