iPhone 11 Does Not Comes With A Fast Charger In The Box So Get This One While It’s On Sale

Apple released three new iPhones last week. The Pro model comes with an 18W fast chargers but the iPhone XR successor or the iPhone 11 does not come with a fast charger so you have to get your own. If you have just pre-booked the iPhone 11 then you need to check this great deal that is currently on-going.

The RAVPower 30W USB-C Power Adapter is offered by Sunvalley Brands via Amazon for $19.99 when 83O789V6 coupon code was applied during checkout. Orders that exceed $25 will qualify for free shipping if you are not a Prime member.

The deal today beats the lowest offer we’ve been tracking by $3. This charger puts to shame the one Apple shipped with it’s recently retired MacBook at a mere 1.65 by 1.1-inches. Despite its small shape factor, it can still charge at speeds of 30 watts. This enables MacBooks, iPad Pros and the new iPhone 11 to be charged at an acceptable rate. Rated for stars of 4.9/5.

Savings from today leave you with enough left to pick up a USB-C to Lightning Charge Cable for $15.

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