This $13 15W Wireless Charger Stand Is On High Demand Among iPhone Users

The INIU 15W Wireless Charger Stand is currently available on sale at Amazon for just $12.74. Without applying any special discount code at the checkout, you save directly 63 percent on the original price.

With the strong dual SuperConnectivity coils, you can play more games while charging in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. The flexible viewing adjustment gives you the ideal viewing angle for FaceTime calls, video conferences, tweets, and Tik Tok videos.

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While playing or using the phone for extended lengths of time, the ergonomic design offers an appropriate height and more flexible angles to assist you to ease neck and back strain. The LED indicator will automatically transition to daylight or sleep mode depending on the environmental conditions, sparing you from bothersome light while you sleep in addition to displaying various charge statuses.

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For LG and Google Pixels, 15W fast charging is available for Samsung Galaxy S8 and later models, 10W for iPhone 8 and later models, 7.5W, and for other Q-certified models, 5W. The right height and adjustable angles can ease the pressure on your back and neck.

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