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On Amazon right now, the INIU 15W Wireless Charger costs $15.99. With the current reduction, the original list price can be decreased by 47 percent.

Accept the innovative 15W INIU charging and AirFuel technologies to greatly reduce your wait time by at least 45 minutes. Two SuperConductivity coils let current flow for charging in both portrait and landscape orientations. Eliminating the regular Micro input, it adopts the latest PD 3.0 USB C standard and even comes with a fast USB A to USB C charging cable for the most stable and effective charge.

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Contains a self-adjusting LED indication that becomes brighter during the day and gets darker at night. You’ll be alerted and avoid possibly distracting nighttime lighting as a result. A high-efficiency chip provides 15W of fast charging, 10W of fast charging, 7.5W of fast charging, and 5W of ordinary charging for the LG, Samsung Galaxy, and iPhone.

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The most user-friendly power prompt is made possible by an LED indicator that self-adapts. You can utilize facial recognition while watching movies in landscape mode or while posing for a FaceTime chat because of the Dual Super Conductivity coils.

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