Get This Multipurpose Bedside Radio Alarm Clock With USB Charger On Amazon For $36.49

i-box Bedside Radio Alarm Clock with a USB Charger 

Pick up i-box Bedside Radio Alarm Clock with a USB Charger today at Amazon for just $36.49. Today’s offer is special as this device is low by 15 percent which is almost equal to $7.

The dual alarm feature allows you to set two separate wake-up times to ensure you never miss work. You can also set your alarm to listen to your favorite FM station at a different time than your partner. With the 5-level light dimmer, you can find the ideal brightness of the LED display regardless of the environment and stop bright lights at night. Version 2.0 – The LED display is now even dimmer.

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Using the Dawn as a Bluetooth Speaker, you can wirelessly stream your favorite music from Spotify, Apple Music, or Pandora directly from your smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, with up to 10 FM presets, you can quickly tune in to an FM Radio Station you enjoy. Enjoy improved audio output with 6W Stereo Speakers and a Passive Subwoofer for deeper bass.

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With its soft-touch top face and fabric wrap surround, the Dawn Bedside Alarm Clock blends quality materials to look great in any environment, whether in the bedroom or on a kitchen counter. This all-in-one solution is the ideal bedside center for all of your requirements.

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