Sleep Peacefully At Night Time With Honeywell Dreamweaver Sleep Fan, Available Today At Cheap Price

Honeywell Dreamweaver Sleep Fan

The Honeywell Dreamweaver Sleep Fan is now offered for $39.95 by Amazon. This model has gone for between $48 and $63 at Amazon, where it is now at the 2020 low. This is almost 45 percent off the current rate and the lowest we can find. This hybrid unit is nighttime, bedside fan, a sleeping machine spitting out “soothing noise with advantages of sound blocking,” and a nightlight. A USB port for loading your devices, an on/off airflow shutter, and a touch-sensitive tap-free area for control of three-speed adjustments are included. Rated 4+ stars out of Amazon’s hundreds.

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Product Details:

SLEEP FAN: The Dreamweaver Sleep Fan is more than a sound machine, it generates constant soothing pink noise with a sound blocking benefits with or without airflow, allowing you to customize your sleep environment any night of the year.

PINK NOISE: “Pink noise” is a mix of high and low frequencies that sounds more balanced and soothing than “white noise”. Capacitive Touch Controls

SPECIAL FEATURES: This fan also includes a USB port for charging an electronic device while you sleep & an auto-off timer with 1, 2, 4, or 8-hour settings.

SLEEP-FRIENDLY: This fan’s controls include a touch-sensitive, easy tap area with 3 powerful speeds & 4 light dimming settings that provide a hint of light plus an “off” selection for full darkness.

CONTROL AIRFLOW: Engineered to maximize your comfort, this fan features a unique on/off airflow shutter, pivot, and oscillation, all designed to give you the ability to direct airflow where and how you want it to maintain your favorite sleep setting.

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