Take This Precise & Smooth Stylus Pen For Your iPad At $20

For $19.54, you can pick up the HATOKU iPad Stylus Pen With Palm Rejection from Amazon. Today’s offer allows you to save directly 19 percent on the original price.

The iPad pencil features a new, upgraded battery that enables up to 8 hours of writing and drawing time on a full charge in 30 minutes, in contrast to other older models where it takes hours to be fully charged. In order to prevent the loss, it is also attached to the side of your iPad.

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This Apple pencil has a lead replacement, palm rejection, and tilt. There is no need for an app or Bluetooth connection. To write, draw, mark, sign, or take a note on the iPad, just hit the top button and use the pen. To conserve electricity, it automatically switches off after five minutes of inactivity. This apple pen has a 1.5 mm thick POM tip that lowers resistance between the tip and the touch screen without pauses, shifts, or breaks, much like a pen writing on paper.

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It is also highly conductive and abrasion resistant. Moreover, it contains an energy indication with three lights for power levels ranging from 70% to full, two lights for power levels between 30% and 70%, and one light for power levels between 5% and 30%.

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