Take This $17 Stylus Pen As Alternative To Apple Pencil!

Without applying any special discount code at the checkout, you can get the Hastraith Stylus Pen for just $16.99 from Amazon. Today’s offer allows you to save directly 19 percent on the original price.

The improved iPad stylus enables simultaneous hand and nib touches to the screen without compromising the pen’s ability to write. The iPad’s side may hold the pen magnetically attached to prevent accidental scrolling. Only accessible on iPad versions with magnetic adsorption support.

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For finer writing, the nib takes the place of your fingertips. You can write without any lag, skip, or noise. The thickness of the handwriting changes with the tilt angle and can be written at any angle between 90° and 30° when the pen tip is slanted. Only professional painting programs like Procreate, Adobe Sketch, etc. allow you to tilt the canvas and feel the thickness and weight of the lines.

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Simply tap the cap button to activate and use the iPad pencil without a Bluetooth connection. After charging for 15-20 minutes, it may operate for 8–10 hours. The extra functionalities can be used once the pen and Bluetooth device have been paired. To return to the tablet screen, click once. To show the multitasking window, click twice. To lock the screen, click three times.

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