This Hard Protective Hamile Case Protects Your AirPods From Drops At $6.45

Hard Protective Hamile Case

Pick up Hard Protective Hamile Case for your AirPods at $6.45 From Amazon. Normally selling for $8.99, today’s offer allows you a 28 percent direct discount on this case without any coupon code.

This case is designed specifically for Apple AirPods 2 and 1. Anti-slip crafts are precision modeled to fit your AirPods charging case snugly. One-step installation with no hassles.

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There are a variety of stylish patterns to choose from. Apple AirPods can be customized to match your outfit. On any special occasion, this is the ideal gift for AirPods fans. wire and wireless charging are both supported by the Hamile case cover. No need to remove the case to access the ports.

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The addition of an anti-lost keychain allows you to keep your AirPods with you at all times. Attach your purse, backpack, belt loop, and other items with ease. It’s convenient to take it out without worrying about losing it.

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