Hang On! Spending Hundred Dollars On Apple Pencil Doesn’t Sounds Good, Have You Ever Checked This Alternative Before?

Amazon with Lxzy has a JAMJAKE Active Stylus Pencil Replacement for Apple iPad Pro (2018 to 2020), iPad (6th, 7th & 8th Gen), iPad Mini (5th Gen), and iPad Air (3rd Gen) for $34.

Apple Reduces Price Of iPad Pro By $439

The upgraded pen tip can replace your finger with finer instructions. No point of lag/offset/break! It has greater sensitivity, a better signal, and a more comfortable hand compared to the usual stylus pen. Not easy to break!

Updated iPad pen with palm-reject technology gives the screen a natural feel and quick, easy communication, accuracy, and control over the screen. We advise you to use this pen with a glass display guard on the iPad.

Amazon Discounts The Price Of iPad 8th Generation By $30

Don’t need to install Bluetooth or Apps, simply turn on this active digital pen with the cap button, and after 5 minutes it automatically switches to ‘sleep mode’ to save power. 20 hours of ongoing work, 90 minutes of charge, 365 days of standby.

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