This Car Jump Starter Is Also A Power Bank For Your iPhone, iPad & MacBook At Discounted Price

HALO Bolt Wireless Laptop Power Bank

Amazon offers HALO Bolt Wireless Laptop Power Bank for $92.50 with a direct discount. Save 23 percent with this offer.

Without the need for an illumination cable, this fast wireless charger quickly charges your phone. Just place your phone on the laptop power bank HALO Bolt and the charge is transmitted automatically. You can charge up to 4 devices at once with 2 USB ports and an AC/DC outlet.

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Two USB 2.4V charging outputs mean that this Portable Charger for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or iPad powers multiple devices at once. For daily use or when traveling, take this power bank with you as the BOLT is a TSA Compliant charger. For recharging your HALO Bolt power bank at home or office, a wall plug is included.

When traveling or using it as a backup during a storm, keep your Mac, PC, phone or tablet charged. Your laptop on the go is powered by 120V AC wall outlets. Charge enough for a battery life of 10.5 hours for an HP Pro Book, 98 hours for a Samsung Galaxy S9 or 66 hours for the iPhone 8.

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When your universal power bank includes enough power to jump start your car, boat, motorcycle or lawn mower, jumper cables included, battery problems are not a problem. With this portable jump starter, dead batteries can be unforeseen, stay safe and be prepared.

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