Grab VAVA Moov 25 Bluetooth Earbuds For Apple Watch At $15 Only

Having a reliable set of Bluetooth headphones around can help cure boredom almost anywhere, and you can now pick up a pair at Amazon for less than $15. When you enter promo code AS8M97EB during checkout, the Vava Moov 25 Bluetooth headphones drop to $13.99. Although in the past few months they have sold up to $40, it is more common to see them priced closer to $30. Today’s deal brings these headphones down to the lowest price we’ve ever seen them reach, and the deal is likely not to last long.

These Bluetooth 5.0 in-ear headphones feature high-fidelity aptX audio and IPX6-rated waterproof design, indicating that they are safe for your next workout in the rain or at the gym without worrying about water damage. The built-in CVC 6.0 noise-canceling microphone allows you to take hands-free calls while your phone stays in your pocket, as well as an integrated remote control that can adjust volume, response calls, switch tracks, and more.

Vava designed these earbuds to last on a single battery charge for up to eight hours. When they are not in use, thanks to the magnet backing on each bud, you can clip them together around your neck. You will also receive different size ear hooks and tips to find the best fit.

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