Grab Nylon Fast Charger Cable For MacBook, iPhone & iPad For Just $2 Per Piece

Braided Nylon Fast Charger Cable-min

You can save a lot of money in the long run when choosing accessories from third parties through over Apple products, but want to make sure that you choose something that is reliable. For example, take this 5-pack of IDiSON lightning cables. You have an MFi certified and are usually priced at $20, just about what you would have to pay for a 6 feet Apple Lightning cable. Nevertheless, while checking-out, K5GPM99X will reduce the price to only $9.99, while stocks last. This means that you would score these cables just for $2 per piece, saving you 50% off your usual cost.

Lightning cables of IDiSON are MFi certified to follow the iOS device charging requirements of Apple, so you don’t have to fear that they don’t work as they should. No annoying popups say your accessory is also not compatible with your device. These cables are designed to last, with a fiber jacket and aluminum alloys that are heat and corrosion-resistant. However, their lifetime is estimated at more than 5000 turns, which is quite robust for something you pay $2 for.

There is a different length for each cable in the pack, so you can use it as you like. Also with today’s purchase, you receive a one-year warranty.

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