Snag This Affordable Stylus Pen For Your iPad At $19

Without applying any special discount code at the checkout, you can get the GFOX iPad Stylus Pen for just $19.49 from Amazon. today’s bargain allows you to save directly 28 percent on the original price.

No drivers or Bluetooth connections are required for the iPad pen. Simply double-tap the pen’s top to turn it on and start using it right away. The double-tap on/off design prevents accidental touching while in use. Very practical and convenient. This iPad stylus is composed of aluminum alloy and has a 1.5mm wear-resistant nib that can execute finer commands in place of your finger, just like the original Apple pencil. It won’t cause your screen to slow, break, or have offset lines. A tool for daily work or study, ergonomic design only weighs 13.2g.

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High-quality silica gel that has low latency, high response, and no noise make up the pen tip. It is excellent for note-taking, PDF annotation, coloring, sketching, and other creative tasks. The improved nib offers pixel-level accuracy so you can write and draw freely without worrying about leaving out any lines or details. Your iPad can only recognize the stylus tip when using the anti-palm touch iPad stylus pen.

When sketching or writing, you can place your hand on the screen to simulate the natural sense of doing so on paper. Additionally, due to its magnetic nature, it can be fastened to the side of an iPad to prevent rolling or losing when you need to relax, making it easier to use and arrange.

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Your stylus pencil charges completely in just 60 to 80 minutes and may run continuously for 20 hours. It includes three indication lights that may precisely gauge battery life (see the product description or the user manual for more information), and it automatically switches to “Sleep Mode” if inactive for five minutes to conserve power. Simply double-tap the stylus’ top to reactivate the pencil.

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