Get Touch Control TaoTronics Light Therapy Lamp From Amazon At $17 Only

With code KEGTB289 and a $4 off-page coupon, the compact LED light source for TaoTronics therapy lights drops to $17.49. The two discounts combine to give you this great new number, far from the standard $30 street price of the lamp.

The TaoTronics lamp offers efficient light therapy with 10,000 Lux, a measure of light intensity as perceived by the eye, and the ability to mimic natural sunlight at 6500K. If you start getting some snow and miss the warm summer healing light, invest in this lamp and wake up to the sun daily.

Product Highlights:

10,000 Lux for Effective Light Therapy: Emulating natural sunlight at 6500K, the light therapy lamp helps to fight effects of winter blues, jet lag, and seasonal time changes

Energy-Efficient LEDs: The 33 LEDs deliver the full brightness at only 12W and do not emit any UV light or other polluting radiation

Adjustable Brightness: Adjust 3 levels of brightness to accommodate the user’s sensitivity to light, environment, and distance from the lamp

Easy Button & Touch Control: Pressing the button on the bottom or tapping the switch on the top to turn on the lamp or to choose light brightness levels(Long press the switch to turn off the light)

Compact Design: The lamp measures just 5.9 x 5.9 x 4.5 inches (15 x 15 x 11.4 cm) so it can be set up even in small places and easily stored away

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