Get This Discounted Wireless Charger If You’ve Pre-Ordered New iPhone

If you don’t have a wireless charging pad on your desk, nightstand, end table, kitchen counter, and sink, then my friend, you’re not living. Aside from all the jokes, taking advantage of the wireless charging capabilities of your smartphone provides a very convenient experience. Add two PowerWave Anker Wireless Charging Pads to your arsenal for just $10 each today when you apply VPRB2503 promo code during Amazon checkout. That’s $10 off the usual cost as well as one of the best deals for these well-rated gadgets that we’ve ever shared. Use Amazon Prime to skip the shipping fees or spend at least $25.

Most modern smartphones can charge wirelessly, and with the capability, most new products can also ship. Even things like second-generation AirPods or Galaxy Buds from Samsung can be charged. Wireless charging is essentially a major part of future tech. Get these wireless charging pads at a discount and a year from now you will still use them.

These pads provide Samsung Galaxy and other compatible phones with 10W high-speed charging and provide a 7.5W fast charging for any wireless charging iPhone. Other devices supporting regular Qi charging will be powered at the 5W standard. The LED indicator allows you to know the device’s charging status, including whether the phone case is too thick or not, or whether there is something else between the phone and the charger. Fortunately, the pads work up to 5 mm thick in most cases. Any metal or cards in the phone’s back will avoid charging. Your purchase is accompanied by an 18-month guarantee.

It’s worth noting that the charger comes with the necessary cable, but it doesn’t come with a wall adapter, and if you plan to use that tech, you’ll want one with Quick Charge 3.0, so it’s wise to pick at least one today to make sure you get the fastest charge possible.

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