Fully Customize Normal Home To The Smart One With $90 Aqara’s 5-Piece HomeKit Starter Set ($40 OFF)

Aqara SHSK-T01 Smart Starter Kit

Currently, AqaraDirect offers its 5-Piece HomeKit Starter Set from Amazon for $89.99 when you clip the coupon on the page. Typically raising $130, today’s offer saves more than 30 percent, puts our earlier mention at one, and marks a new all-time low. A smart home package from Aqara is an excellent way to add a range of devices to your HomeKit. A smart plug and a remote, as well as two sensors for adding some automation to the mix, are provided alongside the Zigbee-enabled hub. There is a contact sensor and a motion detector when the light enters a room and more. 4.4/5 stars rated.

Product Highlights:

NOTES: Aqara Hub requires a secured 2. 4 gigahertz WiFi network connection. An Aqara Hub can connect up to 32 Aqara devices.

Aqara Hub: It is a wireless control center. It connects all Aqara devices and allows for seamless integration across Aqara’s sensors and home automation devices.

Aqara Smart Plug: It enables you to remotely control lights, fans, and other ordinary appliances from your smartphone.

Aqara Door and Window Sensor: Whenever the door/window opens unexpectedly, it will send an alert notification to your phone and activate the local alarm on the Aqara Hub.

Aqara Motion Sensor built-in light sensor: It detects ambient light level for home automation. For example, the lights can be set to turn on automatically when you come home and the room is dark.

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