Free Up Your Mac With $17 SanDisk’s 128GB Ultra Flair Flash Drive

SanDisk Ultra Flair 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

These days, many people are relying on cloud storage, which is often a great experience until it is. If you don’t have an internet connection, or you don’t want to log in to an app to get your data, you’ll want local file copies. Flash drives have been around for quite a while, and over the past few years, they have dropped so much in price. Amazon is currently selling the 128 GB SanDisk Ultra Flair USB 3.0 flash drive for just $16.99, about $4 less than it normally sells for. This also matches the low price of its all-time. You can pick up the 64 GB version for $10.99 if you don’t need a lot of storage.

With high-speed USB 3.0 data transfer, getting files on and off the drive is quick and easy. In about 30 seconds, it can transfer a full movie and offers speeds up to 15 times faster than a USB 2.0 drive. The sleek metal casing ensures that the drive is protected, and the end has a keyring hook that allows you to keep it easy with you wherever you go. With a secure password, you can protect your files, which is a great addition just in case you misplace it.

Having your data backed up in multiple locations is always best because there is nothing worse than losing things that are important to you. Take one (or two) of these today so you can start to safely store your files on it.

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