Pay Just $1 And Enjoy Amazon FreeTime Unlimited For Three Months

Amazon FreeTime

With children kept home during the coronavirus crisis, you’ll have to find a way of keeping them busy while working from home. There is a batch of websites that are available for online learning, but you also want to combine things in order to avoid being entirely bored. Fortunately, with three months of family access for just $0.99, Amazon has a prompt promotion of its FreeTime Unlimited service. Given that the family plan usually costs 10 dollars a month, this is a total steal.

FreeTime Unlimited makes a sure commitment that your children can enjoy parent-approved content, from movies and TV shows to games, music, eBooks and much more while they stay indoors. $1 is a small price that can be paid for ensuring that your child enjoys the content that you have approved instead of browsing the web and you can even score a three-month membership for just $0.99 with this timely deal. Otherwise, the FreeTime Unlimited 1-year plan is down to $19.99 from $99.

FreeTime Unlimited unlocks unlimited access to child-friendly applications, games, books, television shows, movies and more, which can help educate your children while fun. Most of the material is from Disney, Nickelodeon, PBS, and other famous brands. Also, “best-in-class” parental controls allow you to limit what your child sees and to set time limits for use. The content offered is suitable for children between 3 and 12 years of age.

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