This Foldable Bed Tray Lap Desk For Your MacBook Is On Sale Today For $17 (Save $23)

Foldable Bed Tray Lap Desk

RAINBEAN via Amazon is offering the Foldable Bed Tray Lap Desk today for just $16.99 (previously sold for $39.99). Today’s offer allows you to save directly $23 on the original price.

Additionally, the RAINBEAN desk can be utilized as a laptop workstation, laptop desk for children, a portable bed, a desk, and a mini writing table, book, and/tablet, table, table, and a couch table.

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A laptop stands with a card and cup slot that makes it simple and convenient to place mobile phones, iPods, books, and magazines on it and enjoy drinks safely on your bed.

Legs made of aluminum alloy Breakfast are served. Tray made of MDF wood finish is stronger (bearing 88lb) and will not corrode. For a good anti-slip effect, the steel feet are covered with a black sponge.

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The Astory’s clever folding design allows the legs to fold flat, allowing you to easily store it behind a door or in a corner of your home. Breakfast or dessert can be served on the bed or sofa. Going camping is another excellent option.

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Instead of the usual and more conventional options, you can stand out from the crowd by providing the people you care about with a super practical and smart accessory that they will adore! It can be used not only for a workstation or a bed tray but also for outdoor activities such as camping or picnics. This gift will save them time and space, as well as make their life easier!

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