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You can take calls while cycling or climbing without having to take out your phone thanks to the built-in speaker and microphone. Also, you can immediately listen to music through smart watches for women and men, lose yourself in the music, and take pleasure in a vibrant and intelligent existence.

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The 1.85-inch TFT-LCD screen and 240*280 PPI resolution of the FIUGUOO smartwatch make it simple to use and examine rich data reports. 200+ Various cutting-edge combinations to complement your mood and daily attire. You can also design and personalize your own watch faces using the phone gallery. High-precision PPG sensor built-in to monitor your heart rate continuously. In order to track long-term heart rate variations, it can also record your resting heart rate data for seven days.

A sensor on the wrist that uses reflected light measures the blood oxygen level. When you feel short of breath, weak, or dizzy, remain calm. Now you can quickly check the status of your blood oxygen levels on your smartwatch. Supports 100 extended workout modes in addition to 20 professional workout modes, including yoga, swimming, and HIIT (running, skipping, cycling, badminton, football, etc). Your workouts will be more effective because of the robust health algorithm’s ability to precisely track and evaluate several data points, including heart rate, time, and calories burned.

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When the men’s watches are connected to the smartphone, you can receive calls, SMS text messages, and SNS messaging from Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Messenger, and more. The smart watches for men vibrate when they get messages, calls, or app notifications. They may also be used to make or answer phone calls and respond to texts.

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