Trace Your Belongings With This $20 eufy Security SmartTrack Card

Right now, Amazon is offering the eufy Security SmartTrack Card for $19.99. When you clip the on-page coupon offered by today’s offer, you can instantly save $10 off the item’s regular price of $29.99.

Using the pre-installed Find My app, add a Card to the Items tab. Keep a free record of anything you regularly overlook! Learn about luggage, passports, purses, and more! Use Find My to locate your items fast using the millions of Apple devices at your disposal.

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Although being only 2.4mm thick, the card may emit an alert that is so loud that you can hear it even when it is covered. Because SmartTrack Card is so loud, you can still hear it when it’s hidden or while you’re in another room. The card may last up to three years and is secure even when it rains thanks to its water-resistant coating. You can stop losing your belongings with the Find My app’s free, instant notifications.

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You can manage forgetfulness by using a left-behind alarm that activates if you mistakenly walk away. A straightforward double touch will activate your phone’s ringer even in Silent mode. Using the eufy Security app, you can also let people know where your belongings are.

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