Safely Charge Your iPhone With This ESR HaloLock Mini Wireless Charger For $16

The ESR HaloLock Mini Wireless Charger is available right now at Amazon for just $15.99. Today’s bargain allows you to save directly 20 percent on the original price.

Say goodbye to flimsy, unsafe wires and hello to strong durability. The extra-long cable has been built to last after more than 6,000 bends thanks to a strengthened base and braided nylon outer casing. This ensures that a damaged cable won’t cause you to lose time and is more than double the length of regular cables.

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Quick and simple tap-and-go wireless charging for iPhone 14/13/12 series phones that is MagSafe compliant. Strong magnets that have a gripping force of 1,200 g keep the charger firmly fastened to your phone. It has been proven that an incredibly resilient cable with a reinforced base and a braided nylon outer casing would continue to look.

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With a 5-ft cable that enables you mobility while charging, you can remain comfortable. Charge your phone to 100%. With a cutting-edge heat-dissipating design, this MagSafe charger charges devices up to 30 minutes faster than previous models.

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