Entertain Yourself During Corona Virus Quarantine With These Four Delightful Things

4 Entertaining thing During Quarantine

Look, all of us are together in this. Only by isolating ourselves can we possibly slow down the spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19. The new coronavirus is a huge threat regardless of whether you live in a large city or a rural town with a small population. It is extremely contagious–more than multiple times as contagious as flu –and it takes only a ew people to begin a severe outbreak. We have already said it and we will say it again: please stay as far as you can.

Some states are now shutting down all non-important firms and forcing people to remain at home. It just looks like the time before other states do so, so in the next few weeks, and perhaps months, we will spend a lot of time at home as many people do not still take coronavirus seriously. In that regard, we dug around for some deals that are still available and still shipped at Amazon to help you out home. All these things should definitely be considered and done shortly before they are no longer being shipped. Note that Amazon is focusing for the coming weeks so that non-essential items will not be restocked once they are sold out and shipments are stopped by late April already.


Watching television together as a family is an excellent way for everyone to share their experience without being able to feel each other’s nerves. But people need confidentiality too, so it’s great to get an independent tablet or share it with family members so that everyone takes turns. Many people have a 10.2-inch iPad of the current generation, currently sold at $279 at Amazon.

You can also benefit from the year’s lowest prices on Fire tablets if you are a prime member. The cheapest is a $50 Fire 7 Tablet for $39.99, an $80 Fire HD 8 Tablet for $49.99, and a $150 high-end Fire HD 10 for sale at $99.99.


If you need some room, but your living situation doesn’t give you a chance to distance yourself from others, the best thing you can do is make a good couple of headphones. Apple’s AirPods are currently the most popular choice and Amazon has some excellent deals that continue to be shipped. In fact, ordinary AirPods 2 have been back in stock until they have been cheapest all-time and AirPods Pro!

E-Book Reader

You probably can’t spend your time on your own better than to read a good book. Besides being fun and entertaining, it keeps you sharp and it is very important to keep yourself indoors all the time. This week, Amazon offers great deals on two of its popular eBook readers, with lower prices in 2020. The new Kindle starts at $59.99 rather than $90, and the Kindle Paperwhite waterproof starts at $94.99 rather than $130.

Board Games

Our initial suggestions are great for a time when everyone wants to stay alone, but it is also important to spend time together as a family. One of the best ways to achieve this is with some fun new board games, and Amazon still sells and ships a whole bunch.

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