Ensure Quality Air Around Your Home With $65 Awair Glow C Air Quality Monitor + Smart Plug

Awair Glow C Air Quality Monitor + Smart Plug

The Awair Glow C Air Quality Monitor and Smart Plug are currently being offered by Amazon for $65. Today is a good offer for a 27 percent discount from $89, beating the previous price and marking the new Amazon all-time low. Now that we spend more time inside, keeping the tabs on the air quality of your home is something that must be identified. This is where Glow C is provided, which monitors all from airborne toxic chemicals (VOC) to moisture and temperature. Furthermore, with the integrated smart plug, you will be able to set up automation to turn on a fan or heater, humidifier, and other devices, to ensure that your environment is the way it should be.

Product Highlights:

KNOW YOUR AIR: Track airborne toxic chemicals (VOCs), humidity, and temperature levels in your space.

SEAMLESSLY MANAGE YOUR AIR QUALITY: Automatically trigger other devices (such as humidifiers, air purifiers, and more) to power on the moment your air quality readings become unhealthy.

GAIN ACTIONABLE INSIGHT: Receive real-time feedback and browse actionable tips to improve the health of your space in the Awair App.

LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES: Choose from hundreds of light colors and customize your device settings to use Glow C as a smart night light.

CENTRALIZED CONTROL: Control Glow C’s settings and manage multiple Awair devices from anywhere using your smartphone. Works with iPhone iOS (8 or later), Android (Jelly Bean 4. 3 or later), requires 2. 4 GHz Wi-Fi.

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