iPhone & iPad: Amazon’s Top Rated Adjustable Stand Available For $10

The Doboli Pad & iPhone Stand is currently on sale for $9.59 on Amazon. You may make a 31% discount off the original price of $13.99 without having to enter a specific promotional code at checkout.

This phone stand features a weighted base and an aluminum alloy rod to safely hold any phone or tablet. It works with tablets, Android phones, and iPhones with screens between 4 and 12 inches. It is simple to manually adjust this phone stand to the correct angle (0° 45°), and it maintains that setting.

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It’s simple to alter the height. Along with the phone stand, screws, and installation tools, all of the additional components are also included. Complete the installation by tightening the bottom screws. You may use this phone stand to charge your gadgets thanks to a special charging slot. A 45° tilt range and ergonomic height design offer a comfortable viewing angle, removing the need to constantly twist and bend your neck!

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You may charge your gadgets while using this stand because it features a dedicated charging hole. It’s also simple to assemble. for portable electronic devices with screens that are 4 to 12 inches.

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