Discounted $24 Smartphone Sanitizer is Must Have in 2020 Than Any Other Smartphone Accessories

Smart Cell Phone Cleaner

After a 10 percent clip-on coupon from the product page and coupon code PIDD4247 Amazon has a Wiya Portable Cell Phone Cleaner for $23.99. Usually, that’s $39.99, so you save 40% off the retail price. This is the lowest price for smartphone sanitizer comparing other brands asking you to pay $80 and more.

The dirtiest thing you carry every day is your smartphone. There are all kinds of germs available that you don’t see so you need to clean them off. Just put your phone into this sanitizer and wait until it sanitizes them. It can accommodate up to 6.5 inches of smartphone sizes without any problem.

Product Highlights:

The cell phone cleaner adopts safe and reliable methods, can get to the microorganisms that hide in crevices, no chemical pollution, safe and reliable.

our telephone cleaner is of fashionable design, ergonomic, and compact design. It is powered by a laptop desktop mobile power USB charger. You can use the mobile phone shell to clean and carry it with you no matter the journey or on the journey.

Touch screen design breaks through the traditional button design, the appearance design is more beautiful and generous, and the sense of technology is more suitable for your choice.

This product is available for iPhone Samsung nexus LG Motorola Sony HTC Huawei and other mobile phones under 6.5 inches. Perfect for iPod, MP3 player, Bluetooth headset, toothbrush, watch, toy, pacifier, glasses, key, jewelry, and any other small things.

You will get 30 days unconditional refund and 1-year warranty, We always provide professional and friendly customer assistance so that you can better understand and use the product. please don’t hesitate to contact Contact our Friendly Customer Service Team if you have any questions.

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