MagicLight Smart WiFi Bulb Gives You Over 16 Million Dimmable RGB Colors, $8 Only

MagicLight Smart WiFi Bulb

My Philips Hue smart lighting setup in my home is a love-hate connection. I love it, but I hate the price I had to pay to do it. While I bought most of the Philips Hue bulbs in my home, they were still so expensive when they were sold in deep discounts. After all, when it costs $50, discounts are less than helpful when anything as simple as a single multicolored A19 LED smart light bulb from Philips Hue.

Whenever I go for a new smart light bulb to expand my installation to new rooms or new areas of existing rooms, I remember I would definitely have another brand if I were to do everything again. After all, in recent years competing for smart bulbs has gone so good that a Philips Hue bulb can not do almost anything about the same and cheaper model. Case: Check out this MagicLight WiFi Color-Changing Smart Light Bulbs killer that Amazon is now selling.

The smart bulbs of MagicLight are very popular with our readers, since they all have the same great features like Philips Hue, only for a portion of the price. You can still get five of these great bulbs at a price of a Philips Hue LED bulb even in full retail of $10 each. Five, seriously!

The Smart Light bulbs can be beautifully tuned to display 16 million colors, just like Philips Hue, dim, you can monitor them individually or in a group; they support IFTTT’s intelligent home integrations. The Alexa and Google Assistant support allows you to use voice control commands. However, as opposed to Philips Hue bulbs, they also endorse Siri and operate without having to purchase any hub They retail for only $32.99 for 4-pack right now, so that means you get $8.25 a piece!

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