Customize Your Apple 9.7-inch iPad With $28 ZAGG Rugged Book Pro Backlit Keyboard Case (81% OFF)

ZAGG Rugged Book Pro | Magnetic-Hinged | Multi Pairing | Durable stand Case & Detachable Wireless Backlit Keyboard

Do you still have a 9.7 inch iPad or iPad Air 2? If you do then we have a great deal for you. Amazon is currently offering the ZAGG Rugged Book Pro + Backlit Keyboard Case for $28.46 with a direct discount. No coupon code or voucher is required here. Just add the product to the cart as usual and you’re good to go. The keyboard allows you to increase the productivity of whatever task you are doing. Whether you are a college student or need to do some office work, this one is just for you!

Product Highlights:

TWO-IN-ONE – ZAGG Rugged Book is a two-in-one accessory for the Apple 9.7” iPad Pro that serves as a protective case and a functional keyboard at the same time. It perfectly suits the dimensions of an iPad Pro, giving you optimal use of the device.

FOUR MODES – This versatile Bluetooth tablet keyboard has a unique, magnetic hinge and kickstand that secures the iPad at its perfect angle every time. It converts your device into four modes: keyboard, video, case, and book.

WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY – The built-in keyboard features smart programming that allows you to activate up to three Apple, Android, or Windows devices and instantly toggle between them with a simple keystroke. The device can be easily paired via wireless Bluetooth, allowing you to use the keyboard connected to or separated from your device for a hassle-free setup.

ALL-AROUND PROTECTION – This accessory is built to withstand liquid and dirt, so you can use it anywhere with the assurance that your device is safe and secured. The iPad case has a formidable impact, corner, and drop protection that safeguards your device from accidental bumps, spills, and tumbles.

RUGGED CONSTRUCTION – This case is made of multiple layers: the durable silicone rubber, the stainless steel frame, the rugged polycarbonate, and the reinforced corners. These layers are designed to be tough in any environment and to deflect impact energy and withstand drops of up to six feet.

COMPATIBILITY: Fits 3rd & 4th generation Apple iPad Pro 9.7 and the Apple iPad Air 2. This keyboard is not compatible with the 5th or 6th generation iPad. Battery Life: 2 Years. Multi Pairing: Up to 3 devices

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