Customize Your AirPods 1 or 2 To AirPods Pro With $14 EarBuddyz Ultra Silicone AirPods Cover

EarBuddyz Ultra Ear Hooks and Covers Compatible with Apple AirPods 1 & AirPods 2

All Apple AirPods models are actually reduced, from the Airpods 2 to the high-end AirPods Pro noise cancelation earphones. AirPods Pro is actually on sale at the very same low price Amazon had on Black Friday. Nonetheless, you still have to pay almost double for the Pro model even at a discount.

The additional cost is excellent if you can afford it if you really need active noise cancelation in your earbuds. If you’re not probably going to want to go to standard AirPods instead, but you might need to address something. AirPod is made of white, smooth plastic that looks cool, but has no silicone tips. It doesn’t lock the sound in your ear, so a lot of it leaks out–bass in particular. Though, if you really want to solve the problem, you don’t need the AirPods Pro earphone silicone tips. Simply collect an EarBuddyz Ultra Silicone AirPods Cover for $14 from Amazon. Place them on your AirPods whenever you want the sound locked and bump the bass.

Product Highlights:

Ultimate Apple AirPods and EarPods upgrade for perfect fit and enhanced bass

Improved noise isolation for AirPods, keeping unwanted noise out

Adjustment free listening, hooks ensure a secure comfortable fit every time

3 x Pairs of EarBuddyz Ultra and Stash Pocket accessory included

**EarBuddyz Ultra must be removed prior to charging AirPods** AirPods not included

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