Cover Your Apple AirPods With $10 Elago Classic Music Player Case With Keychain

Elago Classic Music Player Case With Keychain

Elago through Amazon is offering its iPod-Esque AirPods Keychain case for $9.99 when the on-page coupon is clipped. The deal today is down from the normal $13 price and a match for the best we saw in 2020 at Amazon. This case has heavy iPod vibes with a false front scroll wheel and classic gray and white coloring. There is also one of the usual elago keychain carabiners on the side, so the connection of your AirPods to a package is easy. This case also includes all ports and features such as wireless charging. 4.7/5 stars ratings.

Product Highlights:

ANOTHER RETRO CLASSIC FROM elago was designed to bring back some SERIOUS NOSTALGIA of using an older music player.

THE PROBLEM WITH MOST CASES ARE that they don’t fit correctly and don’t protect from drops well. ELAGO CASES ARE MADE WITH premium silicone and a special coating applied inside the cap to PREVENT IT FROM FALLING OFF to give you the BEST DROP PROTECTION!

HELP YOUR AIRPODS STAND OUT BY protecting it with a case that is MADE TO STAND OUT. The HINGELESS DESIGN allows you to access all functions and features of the AirPods – like WIRELESS CHARGING – with NO ISSUES!

PERFECT GIFT FOR any AirPods user! Great for BIRTHDAY PRESENTS for loved ones and gifts during the holiday season – ESPECIALLY CHRISTMAS FOR STOCKING STUFFERS!

elago is a DESIGN COMPANY FIRST AND FOREMOST. Our motto is SIMPLE SOPHISTICATION because we create products that are USEFUL AND AWESOME! WE ALWAYS CREATE products that WE OURSELVES USE, so we know YOU WILL LOVE IT!

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