Control Your Home Electical Appliances Through Smartphone App With This Discounted Smart Plug

Teckin Mini Smart Outlet Wifi plug

It feels as if anything and everything is linked in these days and it is so good that you can monitor everything in and around your home with an app or with a quick voice command. But it also causes a problem, as big as it is: we get completely spoiled. With smartphones, tablets or voice commands, we are expecting to manage anything and everything and can make it frustrating when devices do not work like the rest of your smart home configuration.

This is where smart plugs like the Teckin Mini Wi-Fi Smart plugs come into effect. Just plug one into a standard power outlet and plug into the smart plug your old “stupid” devices. Likewise, you can use your iPhone, iPad or Android device to control anything that you are connected, whether it be a fan, a coffee maker, a lamp, a space heater or anything other. In holidays, I use a smart plug to control my Christmas tree, and another to control my outdoor lights.

You can use voice commands to control Teckin’s iconic, smart plugs in addition to app control. They, of course, support Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant and work with Google Assistant. In addition, these smart Wi-Fi connectors work without IFTTT, so that you can integrate them into an intelligent home system you use. They are actually quite versatile and have probably earned the 4,200+ 5-star ratings you can see on Amazon.

Teckin Mini WiFi Smart Plugs 4 packages typically sell for $30, which is already crazy if you think it might cost so much for itself to get one smart plug from a bigger brand. But now, you will snack a4-pack for just $26.99, if you clip the coupon on the Amazon page. It is only $6.75 per smart plug and this is a price you won’t see anywhere now.

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