Control Your Home Appliances From Anywhere With Teckin Smart Plug, $8 For Each

Teckin Smart Plug

On many occasions, we have said how much we love smart plugs and now it’s your chance to get two of the TECKIN smart plug for only $15.99 (2 pack). These kinds of deals should not really be passed on! The fact that we are such great fans of the smart plug is because you can normally make stupid items smart. You name it, lamps, coffee makers. Everything for under $8 apiece. How can no one be impressed by such a deal? And all you need to do is clip a coupon from the product page.

Product Highlights:

Remote & Voice Control: Control your home remotely using your phone or with voice commands. Simply download the “Smart Life” app and pair your devices. compatible with both Alexa and Google home.

15A Maximum Power: High power smart plug safe and reliable 1800W, PC flame retardant material, anti-oxidation, abrasion resistance, insulated electric spark, safer and more reliable than ordinary sockets, effectively protecting your home appliances and your family at the same time.

Set Schedule Timer: The TECKIN Mini Smart Plug can simplify life even further. Schedule lights to turn on at dusk or turn off at sunrise! Your coffee can be scheduled to save time in the morning. With the apps countdown timer feature, you can turn off all smart appliances at one given time.

Easy to Install: Simply plug your smart device into the TECKIN Mini Smart Plug and connect to the Smart Life App. With the ease of control, you can eliminate wasteful stand by power, save on electricity, and extend product life. Now you’re on your way of creating your home into a smart home!

Exclusive Compact Design 2 Pack: The TECKIN Mini Smart Plug features a new design that allows us to stack two in the same outlet. In the unlikely circumstance that you encounter any problem or need further support, please tell us through the support team or directly through Amazon.

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