Choetech’s 15W Wireless Charger With Wall Adapter Down To $15, Usually $29

Wireless chargers are so convenient to have anywhere. It’s really nice to be able to set up your phone from the kitchen counter to your desk and know it’s going to get more charged when you pick it up. If you haven’t picked up a few yet, go to Amazon and apply the ZV7DRMNP coupon code for just $17 to get the Choetech 15W Wireless Charging Stand. It usually sells for $29, so thanks to the coupon you get over 40% off the normal price. Note that you will either have to spend at least $25 or use Amazon Prime to skip any shipping charges.

This well-rated charging stand can charge devices up to 15W compatible. It can quickly charge up to 7.5W for iPhone models and 15W for Android devices. Unlike other discounted wireless charging pads, this one even comes with a QC wall charger that’s nice because if purchased separately, they can cost quite a bit of money. There are two built-in charging coils which means that you can place your phone in portrait or landscape orientation on the stand and still receive a reliable charge. It even works up to 5 mm in thickness through cases. There is an LED indicator on the front that lets you know the charging of your phone and the anti-slip feet on the base stop the stand from sliding around on your desk or nightstand. The stand also includes safeguards to ensure that your connected gear is not overcharged or overheated. With your purchase, Choetech includes an 18-month guarantee.

The future is wireless charging. With wireless charging compatibility, more and more devices are being released, including things like headphones and wearables. If you are now adding a few wireless chargers to your arsenal, you will be covered for future tech, especially if you pick something that can charge as fast as this model. Just remember that for a limited time the discount will last.

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