Check Out This Cheaper Noise Canceling Headphone For Apple Device That’s On Sale Today

The Bluetooth over-earing noise-canceling headphones of Anker Soundcore Life Q20 are down to $49.99 for Amazon when the $10 off on-page coupon is cut. This sale corresponds to the one we saw earlier in September, though it was a direct discount. The last deal lasted only for a short time, so don’t expect it to last forever.

The 40 mm headphones of the Soundcore Life Q20 have Hi-Res audio drivers that produce high frequency up to 40 kHz. You can also use the improved bass, of course, which uses special technology to immediately enhance bass output if low frequencies are detected. You can double-click on the play button to listen to heavy music to amplify the bass.

The active noise cancelation uses four built-in microphones and a digital algorithm to eliminate noise by up to 90%. A broad range of low and medium frequency noises, ranging from motors to passing cars, can be detected and canceled.

The battery takes up to 40 hours even with Bluetooth activated and active noise cancelation. It lasts for up to 60 hours if you’re only in standard music mode. This is a long time not to worry about charging. Moreover, you can load the headphones for five minutes at a fast charge and can listen for up to four hours when you only need a little extra juice.

You’ll also experience a very comfortable memory of foam ear cups that mold your ears. Use the rotating joints of the headband to change the angle of the ear cups for your head. Users will give 3.9-star headphones based on 74 reviews.

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