Charge Your iPhone While Getting Of Germs On It With This Discounted Gadget

You soon realize that our phones are disgusting when you really think about it (or actually read about it). All our tech is riddled with germs from our grubby hands, and every time we touch our stuff, we spread it around. Yuck. Fortunately, with 20 percent off a PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer, you can change that. There are different sizes to suit your needs, but they’re all discounted right now and all work is done on your phone to kill germs and more.

For example, take the PhoneSoap 3. When the on-page coupon is clipped, it drops to $63.96 in a bunch of colors. With its integrated UV light, it gets rid of 99.9 percent of bacteria, helping to sanitize your entire device in just 10 minutes. As the device is equipped with USB and USB-C ports that can even be used simultaneously, you can even plug it in to charge while it is being cleaned. And, of course, the PhoneSoap 3 can be built for smartphones, but you could toss anything inside technically that fits for sanitizing, from Apple AirPods to a smartwatch, your car keys, and more.

Like the battery-powered PhoneSoap Go, the PhoneSoap Wireless with integrated Qi charger is also 20 percent off. Just click on the coupons on the page to secure the savings.

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