Cahot Fast UV Light Sanitizer Box Also Comes With Attached Wireless Smartphone Charging Pad, On Sale For $55

Cahot Fast UV Light Sanitizer Box

Amazon currently offers Cahot Fast UV Light Sanitizer Box for $55 with a direct discount. Save 15 percent with this offer today.

The upgraded device equipped with 8 true U-V-C LED lamps, which can help eliminate 99 percent of invisible hazards in just 3 minutes, making it easy to handle your daily gadgets.

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Three minutes is all you need to complete the operation, which is much faster than the first generation. Moreover, the new mirror design together with the supplied bracket can lead to optimum performance. In order to get a complete disinfecting bath, there is greater space to place your glasses, jewelry, watches, car keys, earpods inside the box. You can use the box to store your tiny office supplies when not in use.

The UV lightbox for any iOS/Android Qi-enabled device is also a wireless charger (supports Phone 8 or newer model, Samsung S7 or newer model, and other Qi-enabled phones). Simply put your smartphone on the box top and enjoy your coffee cup.

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Lamps inside the box will be switched off automatically once the cover is opened, protecting you from exposure to lights. In order to keep our certified product on your tabletop, feel safe.

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