Read Amazing Contents On Discounted Amazon Kindle E-Reader Tablets During Self-Quarantine Period

All-new Kindle-min

The expansion of COVID-19 causing the new coronavirus is growing in America and more than 15,000 cases have been confirmed by the time we are writing this post. The fact that tests are still in such short supply, and testing is still so limiting, was thought to represent only a fraction of the infections. We must all do our best to remain in our homes and to avoid contact with anyone outside our homes unless it is absolutely necessary. For example, we all need to shop for groceries, and some people still need to go to work with jobs that are considered essential. However, over and above that, we should as much as possible self-quarantine.

Every time that family members spend on a house can make it easy for each other’s nerves, so it is important to make sure that we all get enough time on its own. And it might not be better than spending that time alone than to read a good book. That is why Amazon is wanting to sell its two most-sold ebook readers at the cheapest prices of the year so far. You can hurry and pick an all-new reader from Kindle for only $59.99 instead of $90; the $130 Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof and is available for $94.99. And we definitely mean water-resistant when we say “waterproof.” If you can keep your breath so long you can read it literally underwater!

Please note that the above pricing is available on the 8 GB version, but the 32 GB model of Amazon and the versions without any special offers are also discounted. That being said, you certainly should use special offers for the versions because you save money simply because they show offerings on the lock screen you will never see anyway.

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