Bring Home APEMAN 4000L Brightness 180″ Display Mini Projector For Just $56

Mini Projector, APEMAN 4000L Brightness 180 Display Projecto

A large-screen TV is all right and good, but there’s no replacement for a projector sometimes. Unlike recently, projectors aren’t enormous anymore. You can, indeed, get small projectors that still show large images and can bag one for a steal right now.

The APEMAN LC350 would normally sell for around $80, which is quite awesome. But you can save just $55.99 for 30 percent right now. And remember to enter our special discount code TZU55C2H when you check out. How fantastic is it?

A 1080p image with a maximum of 180inches can be displayed. It comes with a portable case and even has integrated audio speakers. Nothing needs to be plugged into power beyond this.

Connectivity is provided in the form of HDMI, VGA, USB, microSD and AV interfaces so that you will be able to get the content into your new projector in many different ways. This again costs only $55.99. And again. Really, it’s quite difficult to believe.

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