This Outdoor Plug Can Be Switched On & Off With A Remote Control, On Sale For Just $7

Electrical Outlet Switch-min

The BN-LINK water-resistant 3-plug outlet is sold via Amazon by Century Products, Inc. for $7.12 with BN40OFF131R code at check-out. It’s down from $14 and is one of those best prices we’ve been able to follow. With three outdoor plugs, you can turn everything on or off by pressing a button. The remote has a 100-foot range when you have a viewing line, making it super easy to activate or deactivate things. 4.6/5 stars rated.

Product Highlights:

REMOTE CONTROL: Using the Remote to turn on/off yard lights, fountain pumps, sprinklers, lighting fixtures, and other appliances with a push of a button from inside the house

3 GROUNDED OUTLETS: Handle most heavy-duty electrical appliances

WATERPROOF FOR OUTDOOR USE: Watertight construction provides protecting timer form weather conditions. Heavy-duty material and three grounded outlet makes it safe and durable.

STRONG SIGNAL: Our RF receivers and transmitters work through doors and walls without interfering with other electronics. The signal can function as far as 100 ft in line of sight.

SAFE AND CONVENIENCE: No programming or tools required; 12V 23A Battery Included; simply plug in ad use; Rated at 125 Volts, 15A, 1875W Resistive, 10A, 1250W Tungsten, and 1/2HP

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